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FrameMaker 8 - some internals

This page is still under construction (well which page is not?)

The following are findings when poking around in FM 8 on Windows XP and comparing with FM 7 installations.

Readers of this page are kindly invited to provide additional information or corrections to the author.

Versions and patches

FM version Patch leading to this
8.0p236 8.0.0 distribution on CD
8.0p266 8.0.1
8.0p273 8.0.2
8.0p277 8.0.4 (supersedes 8.0.3)

Set up and environment

Item/Property until FM 7.2 FM 8 Comments
maker.ini 7-bit ASCII coding UTF-8  
fmreg.txt used for Registry set-up still present Although present, this file still notes FM version 7.2 and hence is not used at all
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Adobe\FrameMaker\8\ProductCode does not exist


seems to be a coded number, not a plain product code

Pecularities in maker.ini

Section Item New in version Comment
Preferences ReplaceCacheSize=200 8.0p277  
Preferences RomanRanges=0000-024F, 0400-052F, 0370-03FF, 2000-206F 8.0p277  

Spelling and hyphenation

Item/Property until FM 7.2 FM 8 Comments
hyphenation.xxx files do not exist similar to .dct files, one per language, coding in UTF-8, not case-sensitive purpose unclear
user.dct, site.dct 7-bit FM-coding coding is UTF-8 Header in FM 8 is
<MakerDictionary 3.0>



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