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Handling FrameMaker dictionaries

2017-08-04 Due to a serious misconduct by FM (since version 9) regarding the site-dictionary I have stopped my work (temporarily?). See FM-bug FRMAKER-3201 - Site dictionary can not be maintained.
You can use the utility to maintain the site dictionary - but as soon as you start FM, your work is gone!

This utility eases the handling of dictionaries for FrameMaker version 12 to 14 (2017). The general dictionary can be distributed to the respective language files. Old style dictionaries (FM-8 and before) can be imported.

Attention: This utility must not be run while FrameMaker is open.

FM dictionaries
Utility FM-dict
Download and installation

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FrameMaker knows a hierarchy of dictionaries. They are searched for words in the order given here:

  1. Document dictionary: The document dictionary is a part in the document, which can be seen in MIF (since FM-8 MIF files are UTF-8).
  2. User dictionary: All learned words are accumulated in one file, independently of language. The relevant files are located in C:\Users\User\AppData\LocalLow\Adobe\Linguistics\UserDictionaries\FMUserDictionary
  3. Site dictionary: Its location is defined in the maker.ini file. The dictionary can be in old format (using Windows code page 1252 and FrameRoman character set). At the start of FM it is transferred to C:\Users\User\AppData\LocalLow\Adobe\Linguistics\UserDictionaries\FMSiteDictionary
  4. Provider dictionaries: For most languages two providers are available: Proximity and Hunspell. The relevant files are located in $HOME\fminit\Linguistics\7.0\Providers.

The current process has some limitations:

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FM-dict helps to overcome these limitations. In the UI the user is guided by some arrows and buttons which are activated only if they are ready to be used.

Note: This utility uses the font Consolas to display the words in the dictionary. If this font is not installed on your system (below Windows Vista), you may get it from here.
UI of FM-dict-en

Select the source dictionary

Source is User dictionary or Site dictionary Source is Any text file
Select either User or Site dictionary. Select Any
Select the desired language. Click the Browse button to get an Open dialogue.
  Navigate to a dictionary file (either old or new format)
  Click Open
The word list is filled. If the selected dictionary file is empty this is indicated in the word list by E M P T Y.

Note: If you have changed words in the list (Replace, Add, Delete) and have not yet used Save, then you are prompted to do so.

Selecting the language file: After defining the type of dictionary you need to define from which subdirectory - defined by language - the words shall be taken.

All or only new ones? All words are already displayed in the word list. You may, however, select Only new words to get a short list.

Selecting in the word list

Since we both need to be able to find words in a long list by typing a few characters and be able to select multiple words, a special mechanism is necessary.

Find word

Multiple selection

Modify a word in the source

Add a new word to the source

Remove words from the source

Move to a target dictionary/language

Target is User dictionary or Site dictionary Target is Any text file
To the right of the three => symbols select either User dictionary or Site dictionary. To the right of the three => symbols select Any text file
Select the desired language. Click the Browse button to open a Save dialogue.
  Select a text file to which you want to append the words.
  To create a new file in the selected directory enter the name in the File name field.
  Click Save.
Use button Move to dictionary/language
The word(s) will be removed from the source dictionary and appended to the target dictionary.
If it does not exist it is created in new format with the indication in the first line.

Save modified word list

If you want to work on another source dictionary, you first must save the current list if it had been modified. You are prompted if for the next action this is necessary and has not been done.

Before the current word list is saved back, the original is renamed to filename_saved.extension. In case of the site dictionary this may lead to a conversion to the new format.

Leaving the dialogue with Cancel or [X]

You are prompted if there were changes in the word list. However, any transfers to other files (Move …) can not be undone.

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  1. You may wish to read the documentation before you decide about the installation.
  2. Download the appropriate FM-dict installation file.
  3. Date Version Download file Latest changes
    2017-07-30 1.1 FM-dict-en.zip

    First release

    2017-08-01 1.2
    • Save function reacts on changes of the source.
    • Order of words in the list is same as in FM-dictionaries (-xxx, Xxx, xxx).
    2017-08-05 1.3
    • Allow to work on 'only new' words.
    • Search in word list as well as multiple selection.
    • Dialogue and some elements enlarged.
  4. Unpack the ZIP file to a directory of your liking. It will contain a program and an icon. These items must reside in the same directory.
  5. A shortcut to the FM-dict-en.exe file may be useful.
  6. All software from D+DD is Donationware - if you find it helpful for your work, think about supporting my work.

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To get rid of FM-dict-en just remove the directory with the files (and the short cut) from your system.

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