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Problem report to Adobe (FrameMaker only)

You know already how to cope with this form? Jump right into it.

Instructions for newcomers

Before you set up a problem report to Adobe with this web-form , check available resources for a possible solution to your problem:

Do not use this form for suggestions or feature request for future versions of FrameMaker. Use the Adobe Feature Request/Bug Report Form instead.

Why use this form?

Details about this form

Adobe normally does not send personal replies to bug reports. Adobe does, however, read each and every message. Adobe uses the information to improve their products and services. Your comments, suggestions, and ideas for improvements are very important to Adobe. Adobe appreciates you taking the time to send them this information.

Note: If you need technical support, please visit Adobe Support Home page for information about your support options. If you have a Product Activation issue or any other Customer Service related questions, please visit Adobe Customer Service page. If you are reporting a security-related problem or vulnerability involving an Adobe product, please use the Security Report form (in English).

Terms and Conditions

Please read the original Adobe statement on their Adobe Feature Request/Bug Report Form.

Using this form


You will get a 'thank you' page from the web server to inform you that the contents was sent. A copy of the form contents is sent to the owner of the site daube.ch with the second submit button.

Problem report

E-mail address
Company / institution
FrameMaker version and build
Operating system
Operating system version, service level
Title of problem (concise problem statement)

Description of problem [Hint]
(number steps to reproduce the bug, indicate the result and the expected result)

See also the hint on formatting the text in the input areas. HTML relevant symbols must be typed as HTML entities (< is &lt; & is &amp; etc.)

Justification [Hint]
Additional information [Hint]
Circumvention [Hint]
Proposed solution [Hint]
By providing Adobe your information and continuing (submitting the report), you are agreeing to the Adobe Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
After the confirmation by Adobe, please come back to this form with the Back button of your browser to allow for a second submit to the owner of the site.
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