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Problem report to Adobe (FrameMaker)

Instructions for newcomers

Before you set up a problem report to Adobe, check available resources for a possible solution to your problem:

Reporting a bug or requesting a feature

Keep in mind that development of programs is laborious and costly. Hence there must be some sort of business case behind your request. So always provide input concerning the benefit of fulfilling the request → Add a section Justification in the description or comment field.

Bug report asks for these

Form entry Type Example selection/input
Product Selection list FrameMaker [FRMAKER]
Version Selection list

FM2019.0.2 (this list is often not up to date and you must tell the correct version in Comments)

Component Selection list UX-general
Summary Edit field Go back to previous view does not hit the nail



Edit field

Problem Description:
The Go Back function (command GoToPreviousView) has severe flaws:
- It does not go back to where the jump started (cross reference), but only to the top of the corresponding page.
- It is not possible at all to go back to another document, even if the relevant documents (source, target) are both open. Even if they belong to the same book.
- There should also be a reasonable short cut (Alt+Left Arrow) common in various other applications (Web, Acrobat, …)

Steps to Reproduce:
It is so obvious and reported since aeons as drawback.

Actual Result:
Cursor location after Go back is top of the corresponding page.

Expected Result:
Go back to the correct location, even in another document.

Any Workarounds: [Hint]

Justification: [Hint]

Especially when the starting location of the jump is in the lower part of the page this must be searched again after a go back (e.g. from a cross reference). This is time consuming effort when checking or updating a document. Often this is done with a certain zoom factor to see details of the layout or in graphics.

Going not back into the open document where the jump started is much worse. In a book with 10 and more documents not even the document tabs are all visible. An Index or even a TOC must be revisable - and that costs additional time with the current behaviour.

Test Configuration Edit field

(Only needed for very specific problems) [Hint]
Hardware info:
Operating System:
Graphics Info :

Found in build Edit field Any back to the beginnings of FM
System Selection Windows 7 64-bit
Browser Inactive If these are relevant for your problem you need to use the field Test Configuration
Failure Type Inactive
Frequency Inactive
Locale Selection all-locales (select a particular one if the problem occurs for example in the German localisation)
Choose Files Button If you have test files etc, upload them.
Only certain file types can be uploaded: ZIP, jpg, png, txt, but not jsx or fm!)

Adobe normally does not send personal replies to bug reports. Adobe does, however, read each and every message. Adobe uses the information to improve their products and services. Your comments, suggestions, and ideas for improvements are very important to Adobe. Adobe appreciates you taking the time to send them this information.

If you are hinted on the existence of a bug report, and you are touched by the problem, vote on the report to increase importance.

Request Feature asks for these

Form entry Type Example selection/input
Product Selection list FrameMaker [FRMAKER]
Component Selection list UX-general
Summary Edit field Object style Designer to be object type sensitive
Description Edit field

Since introduction the Object Style Designer provides all possible properties of an object, regardless the currently selected object.

Hence it is possible to assign properties which are not handled by the currently selected object. The screen shot attached is taken with a Rectangle Object:

Expected result:

When a particular object is selected and Object Style Designer is opened then it should provide only those properties which can be applied to this particular type of object.

Comments Edit field

Justification: [Hint]

Especially newcomers are not aware that this dialogue requests useless input for many graphic objects. Hence they try to define the various properties which are irrelevant for the particular object. This is a waste of user time! My personal estimate is that I have used about 10h until I did realise that some properties are not used for some objects.

Proposed Solution: [Hint]


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