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Sample problem reports

The following are example error reports - not only about Adobe products...

[To top/bottom of page] ALT+GR input error for two accents

title:         ALT+GR input error for two accents
severity:      Severe problem
product:       FrameMaker
version:       5.5 P4f
description:   Using the Swiss keyboard to enter characters into text areas
               creates an additional character in front of the accented
               Entering ´o yields "
                        ~o yields "
               The " really is a typographic quote of shape 99.
               The result is independent of setting / not setting 'smart
               quotes' for the document.
               It is also independent of the KEYBRD= setting in
               All other accented and special characters for which the
               ALT-GR prefix key is used, work OK.
justification: With this 'feature' in place french text or text with french
               words can not be entered with reasonable effort.
               This hinders to use the new release. Compared to version
               5.1.2 this is a great step backwards.
environment:   Windows95A
add.info:      The error may have its roots in FrameMaker keyboard
               shortcuts, because ALT-GR is identical to ALT+CTRL.
circumvention: Enter the character with the Windows character code
               Use special utility ShortHand (shareware)

[To top/bottom of page] Pasted text uses wrong code page

title:         Pasted text uses wrong code page
severity:      severe problem
product:       FrameMaker
version:       international english, 5.5P4f
description:   Pasting text (Special Paste) from Word 7.0 to FrameMaker
               does not use the correct ANSI code page, but inserts with
               the OEM code page. Hence umlauts and accented characters are
               The same effect is created with any text pasted from
               ordinary text editors (such as Windows Notepad).
justification: Pasting text from various sources is daily work with
               - avoid all the gibberish Word carries with it
               - insert text from common ASCII text files, such as e-mail
               - insert text from graphical applications
               Inserting incorrect code page calls for heavy editing, as in
               German about every 8th word uses umlauts. In French it is
               much worse!
environment:   Windows95A
add.info:      Until FrameMaker 5.12 the following sequence was present in

               ;--- Imported files normally are Windows code page:

               This does not exist in the new version.
circumvention: Heavy editing is necessary, because re-inserting the
               TextCharacterEncoding setting does not help anything.

[To top/bottom of page] Shortcut keys mixed up

title:         Shortcut keys mixed up
severity:      Annoyance
product:       Capture Professional
version:       3.07b
description:   When setting (default)
               Shift+Control+R for rectangle capture, and
               Shift+Control+P for polygon capture, then
               the keys work cross:
               ..P captures a rectangle and
               ..R captures a polygon
justification: This behavior creates much repetitive work,
               because it gets forgotten between use of the product.
environment:   Windows 95A
add_info:      Possible cause: dialog text mixed up
circumvention: To get a rectangle with pressing ...R, this key must be
               entered at the Polygon setting, and ...P must be entered
               in the rectangle box of the preference dialog, tab Hotkeys.

[To top/bottom of page] Crash for certain fonts

title:         Crash for certain fonts
severity:      Problem
product:       Paintshop Pro
version:       4.1
description:   The following error can be reproduced
               - Select text tool and click in image (button.gif)
               - Select font Helvertica Narrow, bold, 14pt
                 (or any other PS font!)
               - type text, specify "floating"
               - On OK the following error occurs (reproducible)
                 PSP caused a general protection fault
                 in module DIBENG.DLL at 0004:00000c8f.
justification: I can not use some distinct type faces which are PostScript
               fonts. While this is an annoyance for many cases, it is
               not acceptable for about 5 situations per month.
environment:   Windows 95A
add.info:      -
circumvention: No problems encountered with TT-fonts (e.g. Arial)
               or Screen fonts (e.g. System)

[To top/bottom of page] Printer dialog significantly delayed

title:         Printer dialog significantly delayed
product:       FrameMaker
version:       5.53 on AIX 4.1.5
environment:   UNIX
severity:      Problem
description:   Opening the print dialog takes 10 - 15 seconds, in rare
               cases even more than 2 minutes. In addition, the list
               contains the double number of printers on the network.
justification: The user can not understand the reason for this significant
               delay and frequently kills the FrameMaker process, after
               he/she has learned to save the work before printing. The
               double entries further complicate the situation as the user
               can not be certain which printer he/she selects.
add.info:      It seams that FrameMaker issues the UNIX command lpstat,
               which queries the network for the available printer. This
               implies that - all printers on the network ar queried -
               switched off printers cause a timeout of the command - both
               the local printer names and the corresponding remote queue
               names are listed
circumvention: Reduce the number of printer definitions on the particular
               server, on which FrameMaker is installed.
prop.sulution: Instead of issuing the UNIX command lpstat directly from
               FrameMaker, issue a shell script from fminit, which may
               provide any function to create the desired list of
               available printers:
               - Filter the list resulting from the standard command lpstat.
               - Issue another, more system specific command, such as
                 lsallq (available on POSIX systems).
               - Provide the list directly in a table.


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