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Common Font Aliases for FrameMaker for Windows

Source: Adobe Technical Database; Document Number 317180
© 1998 Adobe Systems Incorporated.

There are several reasons why fonts in a FrameMaker for Mac OS or UNIX document may be substituted when you open the document in FrameMaker for Windows. First, Windows fonts don't always have the same name as equivalent fonts in the Mac OS and UNIX platforms. For example, while there is a font named Helvetica-Narrow in Windows, there is not a similarly named font in Mac OS or UNIX. In these platforms, the width variation (Narrow) is independent of the font family. Another font property that is different in Windows is the slant, or angle. In Windows, font angles are either roman or italic, while in Mac OS and UNIX fonts may also be oblique.

Because these font properties are different in Windows than they are in other platforms, the fonts may be mapped to other fonts when you open a FrameMaker or FrameMaker+SGML document for Mac OS or UNIX document in Windows. However, you can add font aliases to the Maker.ini file (FrameMaker) or Fmsgml.ini file (FrameMaker+SGML) so that the same font information appears the same in FrameMaker, regardless of platform. FrameMaker will not remap fonts for which you've created an alias.

[To top/bottom of page] To create an alias for missing fonts:

  1. Create a backup copy of the Maker.ini file located in the FrameMaker installation directory.
  2. Open the original Maker.ini in a text editor that can save in text-only format (e.g., NotePad).
    NOTE: Some fonts use weights that are not defined by default. You need weight definition before creating the alias.
  3. Find the line:
    Weights=Thin 100, ExtraLight 200, SemiLight 250, Light 300, Book 300, Regular 400, SemiBold 600, DemiBold 600, Bold 700, ExtraBold 800, Heavy 900
  4. Add the definitions for Black and Extra Black so the lines reads as follows:
    Weights=Thin 100, ExtraLight 200, SemiLight 250, Light 300, Book 300, Regular 400, Black 400, Bold 700, SemiBold 700, DemiBold 600, ExtraBlack 800, ExtraBold 800, Heavy 900
  5. Scroll to the [WindowstoFrameFontAliases] section, then add font aliases as needed.
  6. Save the Maker.ini file in text-only format.
  7. Restart FrameMaker.

The settings use this syntax (it must be on one line):

 Windows-font [angle|*], [weight|*]=Frame-font [angle|*], [weight|*], [variation|*]

[To top/bottom of page] List of common fonts

The following is a list of the most common fonts that you need to alias in the Maker.ini file:

This is a font family available in Windows. The angle for this font can be either Regular or Italic, and the weight can be one of the weights defined in the font profile under [Fonts]. You can also use an asterisk (*) to specify no particular angle or weight.

This is a font family available on the other platforms. The angle, weight, and variation for this family can be any of the ones defined in the font profile. If you use an asterisk (*), the FrameMaker font will use the angle, weight, or variation from the Windows font.


ACaslon Regular, Regular, Regular=ACaslon, Regular, Regular, Regular
ACaslon Regular, Regular, Bold=ACaslon, Regular, Semibold, Regular
ACaslon Regular, Italic, Regular=ACaslon, Italic, Regular, Regular
ACaslon Regular, Italic, Bold=ACaslon, Italic, Semibold, Regular  


Agaramond Bold, Regular, Regular=Agaramond, Regular, Bold, Regular
Agaramond Bold, Italic, Regular=Agaramond, Italic, Bold, Regular


Frutiger 45 Light, Regular, Regular=Frutiger 45 Light, *, *, Regular
Frutiger 45 Light, Regular, Bold=Frutiger 65 Bold, *, *, Regular
Frutiger 45 Light, Italic, Regular=Frutiger 46 LightItalic, *, *, Regular
Frutiger 45 Light, Italic, Bold=Frutiger 66 BoldItalic, Italic, Bold, Regular
Frutiger 55 Roman, Regular, Regular=Frutiger 55 Roman, *, *, Regular
Frutiger 55 Roman, Regular, Bold=Frutiger 75 Black, *, *, Regular
Frutiger 55 Roman, Italic, Regular=Frutiger 56 Italic, Italic, *, Regular
Frutiger 55 Roman, Italic, Bold=Frutiger 76 Blackltalic, *, Bold, Regular
Frutiger 95 UltraBlack, *, *=Frutiger 95 UltraBlack, *, *, Regular
Frutiger 47LightCn, *, Regular=Frutiger 47LightCn, *, *, Regular
Frutiger 47LightCn, Regular, Bold=Frutiger 67BoldCn, *, *, *
Frutiger 57Cn, Regular, Regular=Frutiger 57Cn, *, *, Regular
Frutiger 57Cn, Regular, Bold=Frutiger 77BlackCn, *, *, Regular
Frutiger 87ExtraBlackCn, *, *=Frutiger 87ExtraBlackCn, *, *, Regular


Futura Book, Regular, Regular=Futura, Regular, Book, Regular
Futura Book, Regular, Bold=Futura, Regular, Bold, Regular
Futura Book, Italic, Regular=Futura, Oblique, Book, Regular
Futura Book, Italic, Bold=Futura, Oblique, Bold, Regular
Futura Light, Regular, Regular=Futura, Regular, Light, Regular
Futura Light, Italic, Regular=Futura, Oblique, Light, Regular


Garamond LightCondensed, Regular, Regular=Garamond, Regular, Light, Condensed
Garamond LightCondensed, Italic, Regular=Garamond, Italic, Light, Condensed
Garamond BookCondensed, Regular, Regular=Garamond, Regular, Book, Condensed
Garamond BookCondensed, Regular, Bold=Garamond, Regular, Bold, Condensed
Garamond BookCondensed, Italic, Regular=Garamond, Italic, Book, Condensed
Garamond BookCondensed, Italic, Bold=Garamond, Italic, Bold, Condensed
Garamond UltraCondensed, Regular, Regular=Garamond, Regular, Ultra, Condensed
Garamond UltraCondensed, Italic, Regular=Garamond, Italic, Ultra, Condensed
Garamond Book, Regular, Regular=Garamond, Regular, Book, Regular
Garamond Book, Italic, Regular=Garamond, Italic, Book, Regular
Garamond Ultra, Regular, Regular=Garamond, Regular, Ultra, Regular
Garamond Ultra, Italic, Regular=Garamond, Italic, Ultra, Regular

Helvetica Condensed

Helvetica-Condensed, Regular, *=Helvetica, Regular, *, Condensed
Helvetica-Condensed, Italic, *=Helvetica, Oblique, *, Condensed
Helvetica-CondensedBlack, Regular, Regular=Helvetica, Regular, Black, Condensed
Helvetica-CondensedBlack, Italic, Regular=Helvetica, Oblique, Black, Condensed
Helvetica-CondensedLight, Regular, Regular=Helvetica, Regular, Light, Condensed
Helvetica-CondensedLight, Italic, Regular=Helvetica, Oblique, Light, Condensed

Helvetica Narrow

Helvetica-Narrow, Regular, *=Helvetica, Regular, *, Narrow
Helvetica-Narrow, Italic, *=Helvetica, Oblique, *, Narrow

Letter Gothic

Letter Gothic, Italic, Regular=Letter Gothic, Slanted, Regular, Regular
Letter Gothic, Italic, Bold=Letter Gothic, Slanted, Bold, Regular


Optima Medium, regular, regular=Optima, regular, Black, regular
Optima Medium, Italic, regular=Optima, Italic, Black, Regular
Optima Oblique, italic, regular=Optima, Oblique, regular, regular
Optima Oblique, italic, bold=Optima, Oblique, bold, regular
Optima DemiBold, regular, regular=Optima, regular, Demi Bold, regular
Optima DemiBold, italic, regular=Optima, italic, Demi Bold, regular
Optima ExtraBlack, regular, regular=Optima, regular, Extra Black, regular
Optima ExtraBlack, italic, regular=Optima, italic, Extra Black, regular

Stone Sans

Stone Sans, Regular, *=Stone Sans, Regular, *, Regular
Stone Sans, Italic, *=Stone Sans, Italic, *, Regular
Stone Sans Black, Regular, Regular=Stone Sans, Regular, Black, Regular
Stone Sans Bold, Regular, Regular=Stone Sans, Regular, Semibold, Regular
Stone Sans Bold, Italic, Regular=Stone Sans, Italic, Semibold, Regular

Stone Serif

Stone Serif, Regular, *=Stone Serif, Regular, *, Regular
Stone Serif, Italic, *=Stone Serif, Italic, *, Regular
Stone Serif Black, Regular, Regular=Stone Serif, Regular, Black, Regular
Stone Serif Bold, Regular, Regular=Stone Serif, Regular, Semibold, Regular
Stone Serif Bold, Italic, Regular=Stone Serif, Italic, Semibold, Regular


Univers 45 Light, Regular, Regular=Univers, Regular, Light, Regular
Univers 45 Light, Italic, Regular=Univers, Oblique, Light, Regular
Univers 45 Light, Regular, Bold=Univers, Regular, Bold, Regular
Univers 45 Light, Italic, Bold=Univers, Oblique, Bold, Regular
Univers 47 CondensedLight, Regular, Regular=Univers, Regular, Light, Condensed
Univers 47 CondensedLight, Italic, Regular=Univers, Oblique, Light, Condensed
Univers 47 CondensedLight, Regular, Bold=Univers, Regular, Bold, Condensed
Univers 47 CondensedLight, Italic, Bold=Univers, Oblique, Bold, Condensed
Univers 55, Regular, Regular=Univers, Regular, Regular, Regular
Univers 55, Italic, Regular=Univers, Oblique, Regular, Regular
Univers 55, Regular, Bold=Univers, Regular, Black, Regular
Univers 55, Italic, Bold=Univers, Oblique, Black, Regular
Univers 57 Condensed, Regular, Regular=Univers, Regular, Regular, Condensed
Univers 57 Condensed, Italic, Regular=Univers, Oblique, Regular, Condensed


Utopia, Regular, *=Utopia, Regular, *, Regular
Utopia, Italic, *=Utopia, Italic, *, Regular
Utopia Black, Regular, Regular=Utopia, Regular, Black, Regular
Utopia Bold, Regular, Regular=Utopia, Regular, Semibold, Regular
Utopia Bold, Italic, Regular=Utopia, Italic, Semibold, Regular

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