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Reference to last page in book

Sometimes page numbering must include the total number of pages (e.g. Page 7 of 71).

As long as we are working in a file (chapter), the system variable Page Count with the building block <$lastpagenum> serves this purpose.

When we need this information in the chapters of a book, this system variable is not sufficient. It always provides the last page number of the current file:

To get a correct numbering in your layout, do the following:

  1. In the last chapter of your book set up a paragraph format z-last-page with an arbitrary appearance. It must not be empty, provide at least a requrired blank (CTRL+space).
  2. In the layout of your chapters set up the page numbering with this contents: Page # of xxxx.
  3. The # symbol denotes the system variable Page Number.
    xxxx denotes a cross reference to the last file with the format <$lastpage> referring to the paragraph type z-last-page.


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