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Numbering with leading zeroes

Page number with leading zeroes



For numbering with leading zeroes even FrameMaker 13 does not support an appropriate feature.
Basically there are two approaches for a solution:

  1. Use a distinct paragraph format for every 10-magnitude. That is a distinct paragraph format for numbers 0001 to 0009, another for 0010 to 0099 etc. This is a clean solution.
  2. Use the figure zero as leader character in a right tab position. The same method must be used for the page numbers (with leading zeroes) in a Table of Contents. This method requires optical tweaking.

For a sultion with ExtendScript (since FM-10) see #series markers are an "extension to automatic numbering". This however can not work on master pages.


See the complete example as PDF or FrameMaker (MIF-7).

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