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Where to search for missing (unavailable) fonts

Quick and dirty solution
Wherefrom FrameMaker gets the font information?
Where fonts may be hidden?
Substituting missing fonts

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You get the font missing message when opening a FrameMaker file, although you have carefully checked all your paragraph and character formats.

Sorry for being Windows biased here – I do not have Mac experience for this problem.

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To get rid of the message if you have carefully eliminated the obvious errors:

  1. Close the file.
  2. Turn off the preference Remember Missing Font Names.
  3. Open the file (you will get the message again).
  4. Save the file
  5. Turn ON the preference Remember Missing Font Names again.

Next time you open the file, the message should not appear anymore. It still does? So you need to dive into the swamp:

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[To top/bottom of page] Where may fonts be hidden?

An eps graphic may use fonts which are not known to the system and/or FrameMaker. Some graphic applications use 'private' font folders. FrameMaker does not interprete the PostScript file, just passes it through to the printer (which may be the Distiller). Unknown fonts are printed in the ugly Courier font at the PS-printer. But these fonts are not reported by FrameMaker as hidden, because FM does not look into the eps.

Another source of trouble are fonts residing in a printer or connected to a printer driver. The graphic may print correctly on this printer but not on another …

In a FrameMaker document font definitions reside in various locations eventhough the most obvious ones are the paragraph and character catalogues.

[To top/bottom of page] Substituting missing (unavailable) fonts

  1. In File > Preferences, disable Remember Missing Font Names.
  2. Exit Frame without saving the document!
  3. Edit the maker.ini line DefaultFamily=. In most cases it is Times New Roman, Times, Tms Rmn. Insert the font of choice at the beginning of the list:
    DefaultFamily=Myriad, Times, Times New Roman, Tms Rmn
  4. You don't have to have anything after your initial choice, but it doesn't hurt. It simply tells Frame to try each one in this order.
  5. Your new font (Myriad) must be active (selectable in the fonts list of FrameMaker).
  6. Start Frame, and open the file. Console should report that your original font is missing and the new font was substituted.
  7. Save the file.


See also Cross-platform font usage in FrameMaker and Font aliases in Windows, especially if various fonts are not available to FrameMaker.

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