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FrameMaker: Introductory text in generated documents

FrameMaker provides a rich set of generated lists of which TOC (Table Of Contents) and Index are the most used.

In many cases one wants to start these lists with some introductory text:

Some rules for inserting introductory text must be observed:

Do not start with an ordinary document and try to insert the generated content! FrameMaker is not Word …

  1. As a first step generate the desired list, for example, the TOC
  2. Format the generated list according to your needs (always saving the settings in the ¶ catalogue and f catalogue.
  3. Insert a heading for the introduction, e.g. the word Contents prior to the generated text. Any further text may be added.
  4. When formatting this introductory text, do not use any ¶ format which is used to build the list:
    for example, when building a TOC from 1heading and 2heading, create a ¶ format content-title or 2heading-notoc (in the latter case do not specify 2heading-noTOC – any paragraph with an (uppercase) TOC in its format name will be removed from the TOC file when it is regenerated!)

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