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Enhanced Tool Bar for FM 7.2 and FM 8

See also Deutsche version and english versions for later FM versions.

The Enhanced Tool Bar is based on the “FrameMaker Express Customization” of MircoType .

The Enhanced Tool Bar offers a modified QuickAccess Bar, an enhanced Formatting Bar, extended context menüs, many useful keyboard short cuts, and direct access to FrameMaker templates and clip art as well as online manuals and reference tables. It also offers an extended Vertical Tool Bar. Please consult this PDF, before you decide on an installation.

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In the QuickAccess Bar (the upper one) the right part has been modified to use only two levels for work with text/table and graphics.
The Formatting Bar (lower) has been enhanced with a drop down list for character formats and many additional buttons. These additional functions can also be accessed by keyboard short cuts.

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Most context menus have been extended, for example the context menu within tables:

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Access to documents and other useful information is established with the menu Help > Enhanced Toolbar:

In the FM-8 version a number of documents for FM-7.x are provided, because they are still useful.

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The vertical toolbar has been modified to use 2 levels only analogous to the QuickAccess Bar.
The most left Icon of the QuickAccess bar and the top right icon on the Vertical Tool Bar switch between the two displays.

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The installation of the Enhanced Toolbar requires that the ToolbarPlus Express from MicroType (USD 25.-) has been purchased. This is checked during installation.

  1. You may wish to read the documentation (1MB) before you decide about the installation.
  2. Expand the downloded ZIP to any location (to be memorised). This will only store one file FMTBPlusExp.zip.
  3. Close FrameMaker, if necessary.
  4. Download the installationprogram:
    FM version     Tool bars for FM 7.2:  
    7.2 Date Version Installation file Changes for FM 7.2
      2010-02-05 1.2 Inst-FM72-toolbars-en.zip First issue of installation program (same level as FM-8 v1.2)
    8 Date   Version Changes for FM-8
      2010-02-05 1.2 Inst-FM8-toolbars-en.zip Installation: support multiple FM-users;
    Tool bars: correct handling of characters "degree" and "multiply"; vertical tool bar modified to 2 levels
    2010-01-27 1.1 Change installation process to protect MT's work
    2009-01-10 1.0 First issue of installation program
  5. Expand the downloaded ZIP to any location. This will only store one file Install-FM72-toolbars-en.exe (resp Install-FM8…)
  6. Execute this self extracting archive, which expands its files to C:\SystemMods\FM72-toolbars-en\ (resp C:\SystemMods\FM8…) and then starts the the installation program
    Installation program

    File structure set up in C:\SystemMods\FM8-toolbars-en\



  7. [2019-03-07] Attention:
    The Microtype Toolbar Plus Express can no more be purchased.
    Hence leave the top entry field empty, check Force installation and enter quetzalcoatl as password.
  8. Install the files with Install first. A message box indicates successfull installation (see also first note hereafter).


What is installed on your computer ?

%APPDATA% is the symbolic name for the User area C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data.
$HOME is the installation directory of FrameMaker.

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If you want to get rid of the enhancement and go back to the original FM installation:

  1. Start the installation with the shortcut in the Start Menu and click Reset FM-GUI to original .
  2. All files of this installation will be removed (config files, clip art, add. documentation).
  3. Since this is not a Windows un-installation, you must delete the installation directory and the short cut manually to get rid of all items. On the other hand this allows to install the Enhanced Toolbar again later.
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