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Running header across files

For arbitrary reasons you have successive files in an FM-book which should display the same header information, which is "taken" from a "first" file.

Let's display the situation in a diagram:


first file group

second file group

third file group

File number
Header contents

First header

First header

First header

Second header

Second header

Third header

Third header

Third header

Wim Hooghwinkel proposes a method which is less error prone than the method I have used so far.

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  Method Wim Hooghwinkel Method Klaus Daube (depreciated)
Characteristic Use markers Use cross references

First file:

Define header text in marker:

In this file define the header text with a marker
Header/Footer $1

The contents of the maker is the header text.

Set the title for the header in the first file (e.g. format 1heading).


Reference title in master page:

On the master page(s) of this file define the header with the variable Running H/F 4 and set its contents to

Define header by cross reference:

Define the header text on the master page as cross reference to the title 1heading in the current file.

Following file(s):

In the following files where you want to have the same headers as in file one.

Both on body pages and master pages you have the same situation as in file 1 (except for the marker contents).

On the master page use a cross reference to the title 1heading in the first file.

You may whisch to import the master pages from the second file into the following files.

File with new header needed:

Assuming that with file 4 we need a new header to be used also in file 5, do this:

From file 4 onwards you set a new text in the markers.

  • File 4 defines a 1heading text for files 4 and 5.
  • Copy master pages from file 1 to file 4
  • Copy master pages from file 2 to file 5

Advantages of method

  • After set up of the master page in file 1 (copy to to others) master pages stay untouched.
  • Maintain heading texts as usual in the body pages of the first file in each file group.

Disadvantages of method

  • Header information must be set in each file (but only in one marker on the first body page of the files).
  • To change headers you need to change the marker contents in all files of a group.
  • If one of the files should move to another (part) of a book, changes in the body pages are necessary
  • You need to set up master pages for the first and second file for each file group with same header text.
  • Whenever you change the contents of the 1heading you need to update your cross references.
  • If one of the files should move to another (part) of a book, you’d have to modify the masterpages
Further remarks If you know the repeated header contents in advance (like a fixed set of headers) I’d use a condition setting to display the correct heading.  
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