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Toolbar resources in FrameMaker 10

With FM-9 Adobe introduced a new user interface which uses many resources (bit maps, cursors, icons) which where also present in the old interface. But there is a complete new set also, which are used in the new tool bars and pods.

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File Images used in
fmcustom.dll Images for tool bars in format png. All images are 18 × 18 pixels. 4 variants per icon serve the four states of a button: normal, normal dark, hovered, and hovered dark. The normal variants use gray levels, the hovered variants use full colour.
owlres.dll Images for tool bars in format png. Most images are 16 × 16 pixels, but other sizes also exist( e.g. 16×13, 16×16 or 23×23) . For most images. 4 variants serve the four states of a button. However, there are also images with only 1 or 2 representations.
fmdlg.dll Images in dialogues of Rubi functions.
fmres.dll Images (bmp format) for various palettes, subpalettes and UI elements. This file also contains icons (format ico) and cursors (format cur).

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These images are used only in the Rubi Properties dialogue. This is entered by ESC, o, r.

Image Size Name
73x19 RubiisNarrowerForJapanese_narrowimage
73x19 RubiisNarrowerForJapanese_proportionalimage
73x19 RubiisNarrowerForJapanese_wideimage
73x19 RubiisNarrowerForOother_narrowimage
73x19 RubiisNarrowerForOother_proportionalimage
73x19 RubiisNarrowerForOother_wideimage
85x19 RubiisWiderForJapanese_narrowhangoffimage
79x19 RubiisWiderForJapanese_narrowhangonimage
85x19 RubiisWiderForJapanese_proportionalhangoffimage
79x19 RubiisWiderForJapanese_proportionalhangonimage
85x19 RubiisWiderForJapanese_widehangoffimage
79x19 RubiisWiderForJapanese_widehangonimage
85x19 RubiisWiderForOther_narrowhangoffimage
79x19 RubiisWiderForOther_narrowhangonimage
85x19 RubiisWiderForOther_proportionalhangoffimage
79x19 RubiisWiderForOther_proportionalhangonimage
85x19 RubiisWiderForOther_widehangoffimage
79x19 RubiisWiderForOther_widehangonimage

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