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FrameMaker documentation

See also the list of FM books which I own.

On the search for a specific information I have discovered that some old documentation has not been carried over to the newer FM versions. I have also found that information for the newer FM-versions (≥ 9) is spread into various Adobe web-branches. Hence I took the effort to put all availble information together form both the web and my personal archives.

Getting Started guides: For a while these guides have disappeared. In newer times they have been replaced by videos, even integrated into PDF - which makes a download problematic.

User Guides: Until FM 7.2 you got a thick manual. Starting with FM-8 the box only contains a DVD with the program and help files have been dislocated from your PC to the web. The manual from FrameTechnology for FM-5 was 5cm thick (due to the chaper-page numbering the number of pages is difficult to get). Adobes manual for FM-7 has 660 pages. Obviously some information must have been streamlined - or left out. Some special information in separate online-manuals (e.g. concerning asian languages or customisation of FM) has not been put forwared to newer versions of FM. This happened not earlyier than for FM-12.

Help files Help files have changed their format multiple times. For newer versions they are identical to the online User Guides. In the online help since FM-8 you can switch in a topic the language. For example, You are in the english topic and want to switch to the same topic in German, just replace the en_US in the URL by de_DE (for French to fr_FR):

General FM-14
FM-12 FM-11 FM-10 FM-9 FM-8 FM-7.2 FM-7.1 FM-7.0 FM-6 FM-5.5 FM-4 FM-3
Getting Started pdf (500MB) pdf For videos see here pdf pdf           pdf  
Local Help files chm
      chm file       Winhelp   FM 1) pdf FM
Online Help HTML HTML HTML HTML HTML HTML HTML              
Release notes                       pdf pdf pdf FM
User Guide pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf         pdf (UNIX)    
Quick Reference                       pdf (UNIX)    
What's new pdf                     pdf pdf Demo(FM)
Structured FrameMaker   FM-13 FM-12 FM-11 FM-10 FM-9 FM-8 FM-7.2 FM-7.1 FM-7.0 FM-6 FM-5.5 FM-4 FM-3
Cond. text settings           pdf                
DocBook starter kit                   pdf        
DITA Integration (HTML)   Integration         Starter Kit            
SGML Developers Guide                     pdf      
Structure Migration Guide               pdf            
Structure Dev. Guide pdf         pdf pdf pdf pdf          
Structure Dev. Reference pdf         pdf pdf              
XML Author   HTML
XHTML Starter Kit                   pdf        
XML Cookbook                   pdf        
XML CSS                   pdf pdf      
Special information   FM-13 FM-12 FM-11 FM-10 FM-9 FM-8 FM-7.2 FM-7.1 FM-7.0 FM-6 FM-5.5 FM-4 FM-3
Chinese, Japanese,
Korean publishing
  Integrated in UG Integrated in UG for 12.0.3             pdf, pdf pdf      
Character sets     pdf pdf     pdf pdf      
Create Online docs                   pdf  
Customise FM [KLD] pdf [KLD] pdf [KLD]           pdf pdf   pdf  
Filters                   pdf pdf   pdf  
Internals       pdf 4)     MIF 3)         pdf 2)    
MIF reference pdf pdf pdf pdf   pdf pdf     pdf pdf      
MML reference                   pdf pdf   pdf  
Multiple platforms                   pdf pdf      
Windows only Sun Solaris, Windows Macintosh, Unix, Windows
FDK   FM-13 FM-12 FM-11 FM-10 FM-9 FM-8 FM-7.2 FM-7.1 FM-7.0 FM-6 FM-5.5 FM-4  
Installation Guide pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf                  
Programmers Guide pdf pdf pdf pdf full add 4 add. 3 add. 2 add. 1 initial        
Reference Guide pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf         pdf        
Sample clients                   pdf        
Struct I/O api               pdf            
Other         W'new     Platform 5)   RelNote        
ESTK   FM-13 FM-12 FM-11 FM-10     ESTK-CC -CS6 -CS5 -CS4      
Scripting Guide pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf                  
ExtendScript Toolkit:               version 4.0 version 3.8 version 3.5 version 3.0      
JS Tools Guide                   pdf        

Note 1: The files are converted to FM-12 and a book on top is added. Ask the author for the original FM-4 files.
Note 2: Last edit: 2005-03-17 Graham Wideman: document model, program structure,.
Note 3: Example of Kumihan table in MIF. See MIF reference.
Note 4: Reference of entries in maker.ini. See also fmaker65.html.
Note 5: Platform Guide for Windows

Books about FrameMaker which I own

FrameMaker 11

FrameMaker 8

FrameMaker 7

FrameMaker 6

FrameMaker 5

FrameMaker 4

FrameMaker 3


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