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FMgraph – Graphics and diagrams in FrameMaker

FMgraph is an ExtendScript package which provides functions for creating graphics and diagrams in FrameMaker.
This library was designed to bypass the dysfunction of the ES functions as well as most implementation flaws (Only the most severe were corrected in FM 15.0.3.):

Note: This page does not describe all features of FMgraph. See the full documentation (pdf).

Use cases of FMgraph
Functions of FMgraph
Downloading and installing FMgraph

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[To top/bottom of page] Functions of FMgraph

You may wish to read the full documentation.

The script installs a menu item: Graphics > Graphic Library with the sub-menu:
Documentation [ESC q g d]
- Search/name object [ESC q g t]

User scripts are set up in ESTK. They act on the open document at the current cursor location:
screenshot of MFgraph usage

The dialogue to identify or find a table or an anchored frame is a palette which stays open while you manipulate the document:
FMgraph panel to identify or find graphic objects

The dialogue to inspect an object or anchored frame is a palette which stays open while you manipulate the document:
FMgraph panel to identify or find graphic objects

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Attention: Windows Defender may react to this installation with a virus warning. This is a false positive. You may check this with an upload to Virustotal
Please consult the complete documentation for instructions how to avoid intervention by Windows Defender. This most useful feature has the quirk to quarantine most compiled AHK scripts.

Note: All software from D+DD is Donationware - if you find it helpful for your work, think about supporting also my work.

  1. Download the installation file
  2. FM version Date Version Installation file(s) Latest changes

    12 and later

    (older versions miss object property app.UserSettingsDir)

    2019-05-16 1.0 Inst-FMgraph.zip
    • First issue of FMgraph
    2019-05-22 1.01
    • Code comments, colour names de/fr, handling of penSize 0
    • Test scripts amended
    • Documentation revised
    2019-06-19 1.10
    • Palette "Inspect/assign properties" added
    • Order of objects when traversing document is now in apparent order
    2019-09-11 1.20
    • Default background colour defined internally, minor bug fixes.
    2019-12-13 1.30
    • Bypass for error FRMAKER-6610 (grouping purely vertical lines includes the container-origin) implemented for FM < 15.0.5
    2020-03-07 1.40
    • Bypass for error FRMAKER-2406 (Distributing purely vertical lines enlarges the object area) implemented for FM < 15.0.6
    2020-08-14 1.50
    • Correcting an error in DrawPolygon; Warning concerning FRMAKER-9134 (FM-16 does not show correct object properties for polygons).
    • Some corrections in sample scripts and documentation.
    • Installation: allow to define FM-version for which to install.
    2021-01-14 1.60
    • Correcting an error in DrawPolarLine; It didn't do anything due to wrong check for initialisation.
    • Correcting wrong OR statements which caused tilt of FM after successful executing scripts.
    2021-04-30 2.0
    • Localisation now uses XML files
    • Correction: errors in colour handling in non-en FM
    • Correction: Assign properties for TextLine did not work as intended. only character format can be applied → to be done with standard methods by user.
    • Find/identify objects: first object was not identified on refresh
    • Correction: error in CollectFramesInBody suppressed the panel Identify Object to appear.
    2021-05-06 2.1
    • Correction concerning Help file
    • Change of message handling
    2021-10-29 2.2
    • Correction: error in function ReadDataFromFile
    2022-02-01 2.3
    • Documentation updated concerning installation and panel Find/(re-)name Document Objects.
    • Handling of user string refined to coexist with other settings.
    • Allow named search with regular expressions
    • Corrections: some globals wrongly named; Navigation with named search etc.
    2022-10-12 2.4
    • Correct grid size in landscape pages
    • Allow for "marks only - no line" in DrawLineScaled
    2022-12-16 2.4.1
    • Panel "Assign properties" does not show → Correct typo in FMgraph_PanlP.jsx
    2023-01-10 2.4.2
    • Grid for landscape sized diagrams was to narrow (H/W interchanged).
    2023-03-10 2.5
    • New function: DrawSpikesScaled
    2023-07-31 2.6
    • New function: DrawTextFrame
    • Updated: InitFMgraph, ReadDataFromFile
    2023-11-23 2.7
    • New function: GenerateScaleMarks, DrawLogScale
    • New Palette PalScaleMarks
    2024-02-02 2.8
    • Correction: GenerateScaleMarks was documented, but not implemented at all…
  3. Before installing a new (updated) version, uninstall the current version: start the installation program from the short cut in the Start-menu > D+DD. Then use the Un-Install button.
  4. UnZip the file to the desktop (you get a file and a directory).
  5. Execute the file PrepareInstallation.exe (run as Administrator)
    The language of the installation dialogues adapts to the UI language of your current FM installation (de, en, fr).
  6. The last six FM-versions present in your %appdata%/Adobe/FrameMaker/ are listed in the dialogue (on your system there may be only one).
    Prepare installlation of FMgraph
  7. Select the FM-version for which you want to install FMgraph.
  8. Use Continue. This opens the installation program:
    FMgraph installation dialogue
  9. Select the appropriate option(s):
  10. With Install the script and associated files will be transferred into the relevant locations.
    In maker.ini a section D+DD is established
  11. A message indicates the end of the installation. The desktop icons will be removed.

Example files

You may download FMgraph-examples.zip with the test scripts. They were used for the documentation. Document _FMGraph-tpl.mif therein provides the character formats and background colour defined in the global variables. See Installation and usage of FMgraph > Adaptation of global variables

Un-install the script

To uninstall the script, start the installation program from the short cut in the Start-menu > D+DD; set the option(s) to define what to uninstall; then use the Un-Install button.

You can later use the installation program again.

To get completely rid of the script you need to remove the following in addition to the un-installation:


Any software from D+DD is provided by the author and contributor "as is" and any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed.

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