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FMnotes - FrameMaker Footnote enhanced, Convert to Endnotes, Create Sidenote

FMnotes is an ExtendScript package expanding FM's footnote function:

Note: This page does not describe all features of FMnotes. See the full documentation (pdf).

Enhance Footnotes
Convert Footnotes to Endnotes
Create Sidenote
Downloading and installing FMnotes

Side Note: If you are looking for sophisticated footnote functions, such as

… get in contact with Jang F.M. Graat. He makes FrameMaker jump through hoops [2019-11-16].

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Hypertext area before footnote reference

Note: The installation provides keyboard shortcuts for command GoToPrevView: ESC ← and GoToNextView: ESC →
The same shortcuts as in Acrobat (ALT+ ←, ALT+→) would delete the function to nudge graphic objects by one pixel.

[To top/bottom of page] Convert Footnotes to Endnotes

Appearance of cross reference to endnote

Attention: After converting the footnotes to endnotes do not use the original footnote mechanism any more, but the menu item Insert Endnote. You may of course use the footnote mechanism as an alternative apparatus.

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A side note is a marginal note at the outer margin of the individual pages of a book, especially in the case of scientific works. In the manner of running titles, they are intended to indicate the content of individual text passages, paragraphs or pages.

Appearance of a sidenote

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Note: All software from D+DD is Donationware - if you find it helpful for your work, think about supporting also my work.

  1. Download the installation file
  2. FM version Date Version Installation file(s) Latest changes
    10 and later 2019-08-28 1.0 Inst-FMnotes.zip
    • First issue of FMnotes
    2019-09-12 1.1
    • All necessary default formats created by script
    • Go back and forward in hyper-jumps by ESC ← and ESC →
    2021-01-14 1.2
    • Correcting wrong OR statements in functions
    2021-05-11 2.0
    • Localisation now uses XML files.
    • Attention: function "Go back to Insertion Point" after inserting an Endnote does not work (I'm currently to tired/ill to fix this)
    2021-10-27 2.1
    • Correcting stray global variable bkFMnotesMenu
    2022-04-12 2.2
    • Already enhanced footnotes are now handled correctly
    • Book function corrected for Enahce Footnotes
    • Documentation changed (new names for formats to avoid conflicts with template defined formats)
    2023-03-08 2.3
    • Correction: language switching for French was erraneous
  3. Before installing a new (updated) version, uninstall the current version: start the installation program from the short cut in the Start-menu > D+DD. Then use the Un-Install button.
  4. UnZip the file to the desktop (you get a file and a directory).
  5. Execute the file PrepareInstallation.exe.
    • The language of the installation dialogues adapts to the UI language of your current FM installation (de, en, fr).
  6. The last six FM-versions present in your %appdata%/Adobe/FrameMaker/ are listed in the dialogue (on your system there may be only one).
    Screenshot of FMnotes-prepinstall
  7. Select the FM-version for which you want to install FMgraph.
  8. Use Continue Installation. This opens the installation program:
    screenshot of FMnotes-install
  9. Select the appropriate option(s):
  10. With Install the script and associated files will be transferred into the relevant locations.
    In maker.ini a section D+DD is established.
  11. A message indicates the end of the installation. The desktop icons will be removed.

Uninstall the script

To uninstall the script, start the installation program from the short cut in the Start-menu > D+DD; set the option(s) to define what to uninstall; then use the Un-Install button.

You can later use the installation program again.

To get completely rid of the script you need to remove the following in addition to the un-installation:


Any software from D+DD is provided by the author and contributor "as is" and any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed.

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