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Get the FM version from file

Opening an FM file in an FM-version to old or to new presents you with messages, which do not help you to decide which FM version would be the correct one:

Opening a file form an older FM version Opening a file from a newer FM version
Message when opening an older FM file Opening a file for a newer FM version

Although the application "surely knows" the FM version which created the file, this information is not communicated to the user.

To know in advance which FM version is required to open a Book, or Document file would help to avoid trials. And it is essential to know if the file has to be given back in the correct version.

Therefore I developed a program which determines the required information from the file contents. This information is given in the first few bytes of a file created by FM. The context menu as well as the messages automatically adapt to the Windows UI language (en, de, fr)

Context menu for files

After installation of FMfileVersion you see an additional entry in the context menu for files:
Context menu of FMfileVersion

Selecting FM file version (de:FM Version aus Datei ermitteln: fr: Obtenir la version FM du fichier) you get a message. The very first time in the Windows session the message is delayed a little bit.

Message from FMfileVersion


Note: All software from D+DD is Donationware - if you find it helpful for your work, think about supporting also my work.

  1. Download the script file
  2. FM version Date Version Installation file(s) Latest changes
    independent 2020-03-16 1.0 Inst-FMfileVersion..zip First issue of FMfileVersion

    Since this is a Windows only utility, I have added support of many languages (da, el, es, fi, it, is, ja, nl, no, pl, pt, ru, sv)

    Please tell me about bad translations. You find the strings in the file FMfileVersion.ahk

    2022-08-15 Prepared for next FM version
  3. Expand the ZIP to any location, typically to the desktop
  4. You get a directory InstallThis and a file Inst-FMfileVersion.exe
  5. Execute the file Inst-FMfileVersion.exe
    Screenshot Installation
  6. Continue Installation establishes a directory in %appdata% with the required stuff. If this step fails, please remove the mentioned directory and try again.
  7. The installation adds an entry to the Registry. Depending on your privileges You may get a prompt concerning the access: please allow it!
  8. In %appdata%\D+DD\FMfileVersion you find the source code of the program (AutoHotKey script), the executable form of t he program and the *.reg files).
  9. Remove the two items from the desktop.

Write error for directory %A_AppData%\D+DD\FMfileVersion

You will get this error if installalling (e.g. an update) after you have used the function and hence the registry entry became active.

→ User Remove in Registry and then repeat Continue Installation

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