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Find / Replace extended

In the FM community there was the request Can I create a libray of Regex Searches?. Barb Binder answered to this: This is a such a sensitive subject for me, and I've tried communicating to this to the FrameMaker team – both in person as well as through Tracker (case was closed but the issue was not addressed).

Since I also have this demand also quite often, I felt obliged to try an implementation of an enhanced version of the Find/Replace panel.
BTW Adobe calls it Find/Change, also in German Suchen/Ändern, but the French translation labels it Chercher/Remplacer. IMHO the found objects are not changed, but replaced.

Work started with a functioning UI in September 2020. At the time being [2021-03-18] I have version 0.8 with these functions:

Not implemented yet [v0.8]

Features left out

The following features will not be implemented in the script. They are available in the FrameMaker Find/Change panel.

See the current documentation.
Download and installation

Screenshot of the panel


Note: All software from D+DD is Donationware - if you find it helpful for your work, think about supporting also my work.

  1. Download the script file
  2. FM version Date Version Installation file(s) Latest changes
    10 and higher 2021-03-25 0.80 Inst-FMFindRepl.zip First issue of FMfindReplace
    2021-05-31 0.90 Empty text lines can be deleted
  3. UnZip the file to the desktop (you get a file and a directory).
  4. Before installing a new (updated) version, uninstall the current version: start the installation program from the short cut in the Start-menu > D+DD. Then use the Un-Install button.
  5. Execute the file PrepareInstallation.exe.
    The language of the installation dialogues adapts to the UI language of your current FM installation (de, en, fr).
    This program modifies some values in the file InstallThis\config.ini.
  6. Use Continue Installation. This opens the installation program:
  7. Select the appropriate option(s):
  8. With Install the script and associated files will be transferred into the relevant locations.
    In maker.ini a section D+DD is established.
  9. A message indicates the end of the installation. The desktop icons will be removed.
  10. You may use the test file (FM-12 MIF) to check function. This file comprises many types of objects, including colour misuse and overflow text.

Uninstall the script

To uninstall the script, start the installation program from the short cut in the Start-menu > D+DD; set the option(s) to define what to uninstall; then use the Un-Install button.

You can later use the installation program again.

To get completely rid of the script you need to remove the following in addition to the un-installation:


Any software from D+DD is provided by the author and contributor "as is" and any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed.

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