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Create custom document

In the FM community there was the request to create a custom document by defining column width rather than with number of columns and column gap.

This Script is an answer to this demand - although only in English (may be I will extend to other languages later).

There is no documentation other than this page.
Download and installation

Screenshot of the panel

You may define special layouts in advance

If you have special layouts which you want to get instantly from the dialgoue, you may wish to extend the following arrays in the script source.
For example I have added a square format to the end of the table:

KLD_Y.pageNames   = ["A3", "A4", "A5", "A6", "B5", "Letter", "Legal", "Tabloid", "Square"]; // measures are in cm here
KLD_Y.pWidth = [29.7, 21.0, 14.8, 10.5, 17.6, 21.59, 21.59, 27.94, 21.0];
KLD_Y.pHeight = [42.0, 29.7, 21.0, 14.8, 25.0, 27.94, 35.56, 43.18, 21.0];
KLD_Y.pInner = [ 3.50, 2.50, 1.50, 1.00, 1.50, 2.54, 2.54, 2.54, 1.2];
KLD_Y.pOuter = [ 1.50, 1.00, 0.80, 0.50, 0.80, 1.27, 1.27, 1.27, 1.2];
KLD_Y.pTop = [ 1.00, 1.00, 0.80, 0.50, 0.80, 1.27, 1.27, 1.27, 1.2];
KLD_Y.pBot = [ 1.00, 1.00, 0.80, 0.50, 0.80, 1.27, 1.27, 1.27, 1.2];


Note: All software from D+DD is Donationware - if you find it helpful for your work, think about supporting also my work.

  1. Download the script file
  2. FM version Date Version Installation file(s) Latest changes
    10 and higher 2021-06-29 1.0 FMcustomDoc.zip First issue of FMcustomDoc
  3. UnZip the file to the desktop.
  4. Copy or move the resulting jsx file to the Startup folder of your FM (%appdata%\Adobe\FrameMaker\vv\Startup)
  5. After start of FrameMaker you find an additional menu item in File: Create Custom Document.
    If you have a document open you can invoke the dialogue also with shortcut ESC q f n

Uninstall the script

To uninstall the script, remove it from the Startup folder.


Any software from D+DD is provided by the author and contributor "as is" and any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed.

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