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FrameMaker development - versions 4.0 to 6.0

Release date Version 4.0 1993-08
Review for the Mac version by Graeme Forbes
Version 5.0 1995-11
Version 5.1.2 1996-01 [1]
Version 5.5 1997-09 [2] Version 6.0 2000-04
User interface New and extended menu structure; button bar and format bar; Help extended; configurable UI; mm as display unit; short/long menu; customisable menus Menu structure enhanced; dialogues adapted to W95; button bar enhanced; screen-display enhanced Context menus and tool tips on all platforms; drag & drop; tabbed dialogues in Windows
First fully functional japanese version on all platforms (Double-Byte Support)
Platform dependent Help includes free text search; enhanced book-handling. Many dialogues still for small screens
Documentation/ Help Help is FM-Viewer format Quick ref. manual integrated into user guide; enhanced help. Some information from v.4 deleted... User Guide reworked completely (about 1/2 as many pages). Additional information (MIF etc.) in PDF User Guide reworked, more hints, better examples;
Help format platform dependant ??? (Winhelp on Win)
OS specifics& fonts

Last version for 16-bit windows (3.11).

Font handling enhanced (add. sections in maker.ini); no long file names in Windows (until 5.11); enhanced locking

5.1 is for 32-bit Windows (W95, NT 3.51) only.

Long file names in Windows; new extensions for crash-files; OLE 2 support
runs on OS/2, although version abandoned

Consistent naming (extensions) and file format (.fm) across platforms; save as text with encoding
Rubi, combined fonts, Kumihan rules
Linux beta 5.5.6 available only for half a year; development abandoned in same year
Document handling (automatic) change bars introduced   Double byte support; PDF set-up (Acrobat bookmarks)  
Typography ¶ and f-designer reorganised; line spacing and spacing   Stretch text; missing fonts stored in document  
Page layout New templates; side heads; run-in heads; better options page size; enhanced handling of body- master page creation; Text frames can include columns; side heads enhanced; straddles; more anchored frame positions    
Graphics/colour Rotation in 0.001
8 line styles (customisable); spot colour (Pantone, 4colour models)
Join lines and curves; text run-around (on/off) Colour libraries; tints; more run-around properties; overprint/knockout  
Tables Table-designer enhanced   Sort by rows or columns; save as text  
Import More filters Text import by reference; more filters, updated Document roperties; More & better filters  
Export RTF is the only one (limited capabilities) Save to HTML (rud.) more filters, updated; Fluid-View document (continuous page) More & better filters; save to PDF; links across books, generation of bookmarks etc.;
enhanced save to HTML, CSS support
PDF document information and file optimisation
Hypertext Incorporation of the HyperGen mechanism, more link types Variable window settings; thumbs in index; sub menus. Additional functions; integrated GUI  
Language [3] Language is ¶-property; 17 dictionaries standard; building blocks language dependent ; Webster the-saurus [Proximity]   Language is also f-property  
Variables, references     Rename marker types; user specified marker names Volume- and chapter number
Book operations; generated files Automatic hypertext links possible in generated files     Book wide find/replace and spell-check; enhanced setup of file properties (including numbering)
Utilities View only documents; document comparison Compare documents; WebWorks Publisher light [Quadralay] for HTML export Create format-catalogue from local formatting WebWorks Publisher Standard (= light) for good HTML and XML export. FrameViewer not ion CD
Formulas More control on typography: fine tuning location, font setting      
SGML   Product name: FrameMaker + SGML, singificantly better than FrameBuilder    
Commercial issues 1993-11: second work force reduction to 425

1995-10-30: Adobe acquires Frame Technology

FM 5.1 was the first version issued by Adobe, hence new manuals …



[1] Version 5.1 was shipped by Frame Technology, 5.1.1 was shipped 1995-12 by Adobe (just logo change). Only 5.1.2 shortly after became stable

[2] Version 5.5 was very buggy, only 5.5.6 became stable (released 1998-10)

[3] Too deep localisation is a major problem also with the most recent version. This complicates exchange of documents between FrameMaker UI-versions (e.g. maintain a document in Germany, France and Great Britain).

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