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FrameMaker development - to version 11.0

Release date Version
User interface
  • Work spaces hold a particular setting of menus, tool bars and panels
  • Some new buttons in the tool bars;
  • Menus for CMS (content management system)
  • Text can be moved/inserted by drag and drop, also in structured view; works also for table columns or rows and elements
  • Some alerts (e.g. Unresolved crossreferences; Unavailable fonts) can be switched off
  • Paste default for external text (Word, RTF) now is text (rather than object).
  • Views (WYSIWYG, Author, XML coding) support the collection of work spaces and provide individual menu settings and tool bars for the relevant task. Changes in one view are reflected in another also.
  • Unstructured FrameMaker mode provides WYSIWYG view only.
  • Quick catalogues with type ahead selection for ¶ and character styles, elements and attributes
  • Preferences are consolidated in one dialogue and moved to Edit menu
  • Error console replaces the Error log: more diagnostic information provided
Documentation/ Help
  • Air Help with access to community help
  • MIF and FDK documents not updated.
  • A reviewers guide (100 MB PDF) contains many short videos demonstrating the use of new functions.
  • More online resources (blog, community forum)
  • Help back to standard online HTML help and offline PDF (no access in menus)
  • FDK documentation updated
  • Start (splash) screen provides web-links to various resources
OS specifics & fonts Windows XP, Vista and Win7 only
Document handling
  • Repeat last operation (not the same as Shlomo Perets' F4/F5 function — the Word behaviour is mimicked)
  • Auto spell check places a wiggled line beneath wrong words (can be switched off in preferences)
  • Conditions built with expressions can get a name for easy handling
  • "Absence of definition" (entry in catalogue) ist now also a Format Override; finding and changing of overrides simplified
  • The catalogues (paragraph, character, table) can display several subsets: all, used, unused, customised list
  • Line numbers (which can be printed also)
  • In XML view search/replace supports regular expressions (.net flavour)
  • Quick catalogue for conditions
Typography Character property Background colour -
Page layout - -
Graphics, multimedia
  • Imported rich media (e.g. video) may get a poster picture as place holder (rather than just a start button). For Flash the first frame is displayed.
  • CMYK handling still cumbersome and not to the needs
  • CMYK handling now proper, RGB pdf still limited in width
  • Interactive multimedia links for U3D objects
  • Links into FLV Flash videos (cue points)
  • Object styles analogues to paragraph/character styles
  • Creation of hotspots in graphics for hyperlinks (same/other document, URL)
Tables Table catalogue with same handling as paragraph catalogue -
  • PDF comment import enhanced (e.g. highlights become background colour)
  • Rich media import extended to many types, such as avi, mp4, mov, qt or ram; a picture (poster) can be applied to the static view of media.
Export, Save Save As allows to previous versions FM-8, FM-9, MIF-7 -
Hypertext -
  • XML and HTML output from an XML document can be created using XSL transformations (XALAN and SAXON parsers are JAXP complient).
Language -
  • Spelling can now use the Proximity dictionaries (as before) and the Hunspell dictionaries
Variables, references -
  • Quick catalogue for variables
  • System variables for running header/footer extended to a total of 18 (more marker names)
Book operations; generated files Track changes at book level (the tool bar has been extended)
  • Severe bug (crash) when creating PDF via Print to PS in unstructured mode => use structured mode for this function (e.g. with multiple page sizes in book)
Utilities, maker.ini Additional entries in maker.ini (see Entries maker.ini and others)

Additional entries in maker.ini (see Entries maker.ini and others)

Formulas Export of equations to XML as images -
Other Scripting with ExtendScript (a version of JavaScript) similar to scripting in Creative Suite programs with a development environment. FM can interact with some other Adobe apps.
It is not possible to convert FrameScripts directly into ExtendScript. Documentation from FDK (Frame Developer Kit) is required.
  • FrameMaker Publishing Server can now output to Kindle reader, multiscreen devices, and native mobile apps. epub format fully supported.
  • In the Technical Communication Suite 4 these functions are supported via RoboHelp.
CMS support For Documentum® and SharePoint® mangement of documents within FM has been added: cabinets (Documentum), sites (SharePoint), lists (SharePoint), folders, and files.
  • Support to any standard CMS through providing a set of APIs/Extendscript
  • Custom attributes can be added in CMS
Structured FM, XML
  • Setup of structured application supported by a wizard
  • Tag view enhanced
  • Filtering by attribute and attribute editor somewhat enhanced
  • XSL processor updated
  • View XML in a text editor (View > Vew in xxx)
  • XML view with syntax highlighting, auto-completion, element-collaping/expansion, auto indentation
  • XPath expressions to locate XML nodes and node sets.
  • Hierachical element insert supported by quick catalogue method
  • Guided structured authoring with banner text (place holder text)
  • Assign IDs to elements
DITA, DocBook etc.
  • DITA 1.2 now supported
  • S1000D document support with predefined modules
  • Simplified switching between RM (Resource Manager) view and Document view
  • Configure and generate book output from ditamap
  • Roundtripping OLE objects
  • Smart paste (paste HTML, MS Word, Excel and Outlook content as DITA content)
Commercial issues

full price en version: USD 999; EUR 1149 (+VAT)
update en version: USD 399; EUR 459 (+VAT)

full price en version: USD 999; de/fr version: EUR 1375 (+VAT)
update en version: USD 399; de/fr version: EUR 550 (+VAT)
User community Adobe user forum; www.frameuser.com; www.frameuser.com
Adobe Downloads

Release:  2011-01-11: (385 was the last beta-build)
Update 1: 2011-06-11:
Update 2: 2011-11-16: - CMYK handling corrected

Release:  2012-07-24: (identical to last beta-build)
Update 1: 2012-02-10: - Book print PS patch
Update 2: 2013-07-06: - Bug fixes and little enhancement

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