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FrameMaker development - to version 16.0

Release date Version (FrameMaker Summer Edition 2020)
User interface
  • Support for high resolution displays enhanced
  • Additional categories in Preferences
  • Coloured icons (after all I could convince Adobe)
Work space
Documentation/ Help
  • Help > Third Party plug-ins/add-ons leads to Adobe Partners
OS specifics & fonts
  • Only 64 bit version for Windows
  • Adobe libraries and various Open Source libraries updated
  • No support of Win 7 any more
Document handling
  • Navigation pane for document (outline)
  • Utility document splitter
  • To Sentence Case
Page layout
Graphics, multimedia
  • Image handling enhanced
  • Include YouTube videos in unstructured, DITA and LwDITA documents
  • Insert rich media with DITA1.3 & LwDITA
  • Table commands for Delete Rows, Delete Columns
Import, Review
  • Own main menu for Review with clearer user guidance
  • Host Review PDF on Adobe's Document Cloud (TCS only)
Publish, Save
  • Generate PDF/An and PDF/X compliant PDFs
  • Embed reference PDFs within a PDF
  • Greater content accessibility for PDFs by AI supported tagging
  • HTML output with new engine
  • HTML5 output enhanced
  • Hunspell dictionary for more languages
  • 'Smart quotes' are now language dependent and configurable
  • Pre-segmented XLIFF for easier translation
Variables, references -  

Utilities, maker.ini, scripting

  • Document Splitter to chunk large documents into chapters
Formulas -  
  • Footnotes can now be kept on same page as reference
CMS support
  • Integration with Adobe Experience Manager (enhanced)
Structured FM, XML
  • New tree view for XML authoring
  • Simplified view merged with WYSIWYG view
  • Customised environments for simplified XML authoring (enhanced)
  • XML code view (enhanced)
  • EDD enhancements: import of CSS
DITA, DocBook etc.
  • Out-of-the-box LwDITA support (beta)
  • CSS3 import into EDD
  • Smoother import of Word documents to DITA map
  • Import of Markdown to structured DITA content
  • Simultaneous Document and Tree view for DITA maps
  • DITA-OT 3.X support (enhanced)
  • Keyspace Manager (enhanced)
  • DITA PDF publishing : Output templates & Granular settings

Commercial issues

Seee Note

No perpetual licenses any more!
From now on only subscriptions are available:
Yearly subscription: USD 360, CHF 420
Monthly subscription: USD 30, CHF 36

User community Adobe user forum; www.frameuser.com; www.frameuser.com  
Adobe Downloads

Release:  2020-07-14:
Update 1: 2020-11-11:
Update 2: 2021-06-02:
Update 3: 2021-09-14:


Note: Values uncertain. They seem to change with conversion rate.

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