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Font format

TrueType, Type 1, rasterizing, ➔ font hinting, OpenType, system fonts, raster fonts (*.fon) ... (E:\FM-specials\Tips\Font_issues)

 font format, data format of font

Indicating German Schrift format, datenformat einer schrift

Indicating French ?


In hot metal printing fonts where physical objects. In electronic type a font is data which of course can use various formats (methods describing the meaning of data). Generally two distinctions are made:

Raster fonts ➔ matrix printers, screen fonts, system fonts ➔ anti aliasing

Vector fonts ➔ stroke (in CAD systems, plotting), outline (PostScript, TrueType, OpenType)

Most flexibility is provided in outline descriptions. The 'printer language' PostScript introd

PostScript fonts (T1, T3)



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