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Some e-mail feedback is listed here (really, there was no negative one so far, although problems may arise using homegrown software — but there is no such thing as flawless software …)


[2022-05-25] Wendy McGovern: In getting up to speed to see what was new, I had seen Klaus's Compendium that he mentioned in the Framers list and I started reading it. It's fantastic! It mentions all the inside information that only years of using Frame could provide-much better than the official Frame users guide that only gives the basics. The tips and videos mentioned in the compendium are so helpful.

[2021-01-01] Rick Quatro in a forum answer: «There is a PDF floating around called Customizing Frame Products (or something like that). It explains how to remap FrameMaker keyboard shortcuts. With different workspaces, it is not quite as straightforward as it used to be but it can be done. You can find tons of useful FrameMaker information on Klaus Daube's site (a FrameMaker legend), but this should get you started».

Steve Rickaby about FMjsxLib: Most generous of you. I'm sure this will benefit a lot of people. Your documentation looks very professional, and great to see Bruce Tognazzini's name mentioned.

Bjørn Smalbro (FrameMaker.dk) made a video for my script ETBdocNav - «…it is absolutely wunderfull»

While I couldn't find the 2015 FDK documents on the Adobe Frame developer site, there is a very helpful website here provided by the always helpful Klaus Daube.[2019-06-18 Ian Prodfoot in Adobe extendscript forum].

Thank you for your continued work in making FrameMaker (and ExtendScript) better. It has been very helpful to a lot of us here.
The work you have done with scales is very impressive. As we might say in the States, you are "scary smart." :-) [2018-11-07 Rick Quatro, frameautomation.com]

Docu about toolbars: HUZZAH! I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am! And I am VERY grateful. [Thanks for the link – email filters due to really bad viruses have completely eliminated zip files.].
It came down to two things in the end. The file naming for the images (what Adobe posted and what you did are two different things) and I didn't have the right location for where that icon folder needed to go (again, Adobe...).
I have no idea what we Frame Users would do without people like you. [2017-08-27 Gayle Moore, Gov. British Columnia, CDN]

I just wanted to thank you for this page about Adobe Plug-in vs disabled folder and what each one does. I'd recently did the 'speed up thing' and while it's been fantastically fast, I realized I lost my email capability. This page is SO VERY HELPFUL. [2016-05-16 David A. Winkley, Bowie Transportation, Texas]

Thanks for all the great work you've done over the years particularly with Framemaker. I was referencing your PDFs dealing with customizing Frame and wanted to let you know the newest version of Resource Hacker … [2016-03-05 Curtis Graham, Micro Focus com]

Because of the type of documents I work with, ETB has become an "essential" productivity component of my daily interface to FM.  Thank you again for this product and for providing actionable support on an individual basis. [2015-05-20 Charles Richardson, President Matrix Press, Inc.]

What an awesome page you have! I have just discovered it and I’m sure that looking through everything will keep me busy for hours. [2015-04-25 Paul Moraga, Xerox DocuShare, Palo Alto, CA].

Regardless of whether or not we can resolve this {issue with ETB-12 which could be solved}, the years of improved functionality that I've had as a result of your daube.ch software will again be acknowledged via donation to your PayPal account. You do excellent work! [2014-05-26 Carol J. Elkins---A Written Word LLC, Colorado]

Daube has one of the most useful FrameMaker sites I’ve seen in some time and I thank him for making all of this information available. [2012-08-15]

The Customizing FM 7 documentation is in dire need of updating as the methodologies for working with menus has drastically changed in the past few releases and there is no information on working with the the toolbars. The only resource available for the newer features is through Klaus Daube's website. [2013-12-15 Arnis Gubins to Gyanesh Talwar at Adobe]

I am a big fan of your community contributions in doc learning. I've learned a lot from daube.ch. [2013-11-25 Gyanesh Talwar, Senior Lead, Content at Adobe Systems Incorporated]

Thanks for the enhanced toolbar! I love how it makes my work easier! [2013-09 Teresa Wittel]

Thank you very much - for the enlarged Equation palette - it is very helpful. [2013-03 wsaylor, earthlink.net]

Ich möchte Sie zu Ihren FrameMaker-Seiten beglückwünschen; außerordentlich informativ und suchen ihresgleichen. Mir waren sie eine große Hilfe und dafür möchte ich mich bei Ihnen bedanken. [Helmut Schottmüller, gmx.de]

This utility for FM7.x did resize many of the windows, including the conditional text window. I also liked the way it streamlined and removed some of the redundant information in the screens. Unfortunately, I don't think it will work on FM6.x, but you can try. [2008-02-11 Carla Martinek, zebra.com]

I was so happy to find your DLL file that modifies the FrameMaker dialogue windows. We have over 80 conditional text tags in use (single-sourcing content for multiple product lines), and many of the tag names are too long to see in the original dialogue window. Your DLL has been a big help! [2006-11-08 Carla Martinek, zebra.com]

Obwohl auch ich in diesem speziellen Fall (Haarlinien in CAD files) den Eindruck habe, dass sich diese Probleme ein wenig überlebt haben, weiß ich die Website von Herrn Daube sehr zu schätzen, weil sie eine Menge Hilfestellungen gibt. Die Publikation solcher Erfahrungsberichte wird eher zu spärlich betrieben! [2006-08-18 Wolfgang Hugmann]

I was wondering if you had plans to do a Frame 7.1 version of that WUNDERFUL!! fmdlg.dll file that addresses the table clumn width fields. [2004-01-17]

Hallo Framer, die schon erwähnte, recht lange Liste mit Tastenkombinationen ist hier zu finden. Sie wurde erstellt für Framemaker 5.5, deutsch. An der gleichen Stelle gibt es auch eine entsprechende englische Liste und noch zwei weitere Listen speziell für mathematische Kommandos. [2001-08-28 Heike Jägel, ptv.de]

Sprache und ...

Der Text ist wirklich klasse! Ich möchte gerne, dass der Text auch in Zukunft dort zu finden ist. [2000-10-25 Christoph Probst, gmx.de]

Windows and Utilities

Thank you for posting the info on the web how you have installed the AdobePS driver in NT. It worked perfectly for me! The automatic AdobePS installer came up with a blank list of ports and then crashed. Fortunately you had posted the fix, just a little regedit tweak, I had it fixed in 5 minutes. I would never have come up with the solution myself. [2005-12-08 Robert de Jong, id3d.nl]


I would like to thank the author of the above app personally, tell him why and how this app saved my embarrassment, and all of the capture times and dates of 1200+ Jpeg photographs that had been modified without back-up.
... it took me over 7 hours searching for an app that would restore the modified date to the created one, and believe me, this seems to be the only such app on the internet ! [2001-08-08 Dave, Leicester, UK]


I am also a nuclear / mechanical / aerospace engineer of your vintage and highly appreciate your love and appreciation of nomographs - truly a lost art today. [2012-06 wsaylor, earthlink.net]


2013-01-13: looking into Google Webmaster Tools > Links to Your Site lists 990 entries. Obviously some are crawlers of some sort, others are URLs found in my posts on various mailing lists or forums, but some are real links.
... I had a good look at your site last night. and I found that it was most interesting, and full of helpful and useful information. [2001-08-10 B. Bloxan, ntlworld.com]


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