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daube.ch site history

Date Major actions
2018-11-12 Statistics as of today
Sub-directory html/php pages toal files (pictures, pdf included
top level 24 51
ddd 32 74
docu 50 1632
matura1961 39 206
opinions 97 293
share 70 394
Total 282 2650

Hoster will cease support of PHP 5.3 and 7.1 end of march 2019 ➔ need to find a different method for the feedback page - Felgall.com obviously does not update their mailing script. This has a major impact on the subdomain samichlausfaellanden.daube.ch - it will be recreated by a colleague in WordPress.

2018-08-02 Establish Free SSL and automatic redirection http to https (Google browser Chrome flags http as not secure)
2016-09-01 Have closed my company Docu + Design Daube last year, hence the discription of the business is not that relevant any more - moved to the end of the main page.
2011-09-03 Mid 2011 Google changed " Site Search" to "Custom Search" without notice. The old search created the strange message "We'are sorry…, but your computer or network may be sending automated queries…" The new thing had to be set up at http://www.google.com/cse/manage/create
2011-05-15 The site (including the guests) comprises about 2500 html pages, 3000 PDFs (including protected areas)
2011-04-20 Site samichlausfaellanden.ch now uses PHP to ease maintenance of the dates.
2010-05-02 Sections removed: Gen Verde (to old) and Puppenhaus zu verkaufen (doll house is sold now)
2008-12-30 Update of TOC page; generation of google site map file; course material FM now free (no password req.)
2007-10-01 Move site to hostpoint.ch
2007, 2008 Additional pages for FrameMaker issues
2006-01-10 Update of the TOC page
2004-04-02 Move site to tiscalinet.ch; site map updated
2003-11-20 Site search by Google rather than crawlit.de
2002-03-12 Added content rating by ICRA
2001-10-25 St. Nikolaus Gesellschaft Fällanden-Pfaffhausen-Benglen is a new guest
2001-05-04 Site search by www.crawl-it.de gives better results than the cgi method
2000-05-15 Complete overhaul: new colour scheme, better icons, revised navigation
2000-01 Move site to unternehmen.com (Germany)
1997-01-09 Domain daube.ch registered. At that time there were about 9000 CH-domains registered (but less then half of them were actively used). Even important companies like ABB did not have a website in those days … 2016 there are about 2 million CH domains registered.

To acquire knowledge about the web I established a private website (daube.eunet.ch). eunet.ch was one of the first hosters in Switzerland, but their documentation first had to be developed by me. At that time there where about 1500 CH domains registered - but I feared to establish my own domain, because I was unemployed. With my SGML knowledge it was a snap to enter the HTML world …

CH domain statistics by SWTCH


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