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Tally sticks

The German provorb "Du hast etwas auf dem kerbholz " means that someone got marks on the tally stick which count the evels one does.

Our secretaries often were accused for things they were not responsible for. Nevertheless these things "were carved into their tally stick". I wanted them to ake these accuses with a lighter heart and hence made the tally sticks from balsa wood.

You can read the names of our secretaries, which are burnt into the sticks in Elder Futhark runes: annemari, eleonore, hilde, heidi.

A wooden sculpture of the Fleischer 'Little Rex' figure Presentation of the sticks by Klaus Daube

Expenditure of human labor: 1h. The sticks are mode of balsa wood, hence the cutting was very easy. Of course I had to check the runes (there was no wikipedia in those days).

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