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Windows claims that the SD micro card is write protected

Modern SD micro cards are really so micro that hey are housed in an adapter which bears a small switch at the left side (see arrow).

Micro SD card Adapter Adapter with indication

While it is obvious to use the slider to allow writing on the SD card, there are situations where this does not help. I had a micro SD card (with adapter) form the video camera. Windows insisted on write protection until I found solution number 3:

  1. It may be that the slider is loose. Although you put it into the upper position it is moved down as soon as you insert into the reader slot. Fix it with a thin tape.
  2. If this does not help, then the card reader may be damages. You may have a spare card reader to be connected USB: try this.
  3. The adapter may be faulty. It is good if you have another one and try with this. This was the solution in my case.
  4. If your micro SD card dont' have a lock on it then you may have got one of the few thousand that have a small issue with the original low level formating. In this case just download the tool from panasonic that is designed to low level format any type of flash media.

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