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Windows experiences and tips

Whoever works with any flavour of Windows encounters a number of problems and an even greater number of annoyances. The user interface is not consistent at all, a lot of stuff is missing, system documentation does not exist etc. She or he also develops preferences for tools and utilities. I have now used Windows 3.x, 95, NT 4, W2K, W7 and finally W10. Most of the experience I have collected in a local help database on my system, but some tips may be of broader interest.

For documentation tools D+DD uses, see section documentation.


Windows 95 … 10

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In the good old days of main frames there were system programmers, now zillions of so called Personal Computer users do the same thing over and over: hunt problems, fix bugs, download updates, install new hardware (because programmer's discipline is a foreign word to MS) etc.

Windows users spend at least 20% of their time with dragon fights. This is our money directly going into the pocket of BG. Fortunately some generous peers provide information for free:

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Did you know, that Windows 95 and its successors (at least until Win7) are not that bad at all?

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Since 2014 I use xplorer² as a replecement for the Windows File Explorer.

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Some of these utilities are used very often

Homegrown utilities


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