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FrameMaker commands

Neither the manual nor the online help of FrameMaker contains a complete list of the commands and shortcuts. First command summaries were done manually by Shlomo Perets from Microtype. The lists for FM-7 and below are based on itl script Report FM commands; later ones are generated by this sript (no more available since 2020).

FrameMaker commands (the escape sequences) are platform independent. Since most of them reflect the corresponding menu item they depend on the UI language.
For example, the command to insert a nonbreaking hyphen is ESC,-,h (en); ESC,-,w (de) and ESC,-,I (fr).

Purpose of this information

With the data provided in the tables you will

Command lists

Configuration file

The configuration files ($FMHOME/fminit/configui/cmds.cfg and .../mathcmds.cfg) provide information about:

Not all of these elements are defined for all commands. The order of command categories is quite awkward in the file, but for better reference I did not change it. You may also find some of the German translations of mathematical symbol a little bit... but that was not my task.

Documentation about the commands can be found in the on-line manual Changing Setup Files. The platform specific math shortcuts can be found in the platform specific commands file, e.g. wincmds.cfg.


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