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Special characters and nice bullets

You have specified a character format dingbats providing access to the Postscript Zapf Dingbats font and one named wingdings providing access to the TrueType font WingDings.

You use these styles in the definition of bulleted lists (autonumber property of a paragraph style) and for other purpose, but the results are not in all cases what you expect: The graphic presented does not correspond to what you have entered.

Reason for this is a complex entry procedure which is necessary for characters outside the repertoire on your keyboard. FrameMaker requires you to use CTRL+q sequences for these. You can not enter these characters (on Windows) with ALT+0xxx.

The table provided in this PDF (480 KB) lists all symbols form the Zapf Dingbats and the WingDings fonts and how to enter them in FrameMaker. Of course, also usage samples are provided.


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