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FrameMaker and EndNote 8 … Xy

EndNote is a widely used application to handle bibliographic data. Since version 8 EndNote is a Unicode compliant application, FrameMaker handles Unicode text only from version 8 onwards. Hence older FM version require some code-tweaking in the process with EndNote. EndNote has no means of handling FrameMaker files. Hence D+DD developed the utility FM+EN to overcome these differences as far as possible with the help of MS Word.

If You are still using EndNote 5 please refer to FrameMaker and EndNote 5.

If You are using FM-10 and later, see FrameMaker and EndNote. These FM versions provide scripting and thus allows a completely new version of the utility.

Using EndNotes RTF scan facility
Solution with D+DD utility
Properties and functions of FM+EN
Installing the utility
Version history

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Only EndNote versions 1 … 5 provide the function Scan Document for the FrameMaker mif. Version 6 does not support any scan and starting with version 7 scanning RTF is back which allows to work with most text processors. Although the rtf route could be used with FrameMaker, this method imposes many drawbacks.

Starting with version 8 EndNote stores and handles the data in Unicode. On the other hand FrameMaker until version 7.2 uses a special coding scheme. Starting with version 8 FrameMaker also became Unicode compliant.

These differences can only be overcome by an intermediate utility that negotiates between FrameMaker and EndNote. To avoid the rtf route with FrameMaker the benefits of the good cooperation between Word and EndNote are utilised.

Using EndNotes RTF scan facility with FrameMaker

It may seem reasonable to export the FrameMaker document as RTF, then scan and modify it by EndNote and finally import the RTF again into FrameMaker. However, some of the encountered problems are:

[To top/bottom of page] Solution with D+DD utility

D+DD has developed the utility FM+EN which controls the collaboration between FrameMaker, Word and EndNote. Manipulations in the paste buffer overcome the code difference between EndNote (Unicode) and FrameMaker < 8 (FM code page) for the insertion of temporary citations in FM.

FM+EN collects only the relevant data (the citations) from the FrameMaker document(s) and copies them to Word. Word is used to provide correct RTF code for the formatted citations as well as the formatted reference to be copied into FrameMaker.

A future version will abandon the use of Word as an ancillary program thanks to the now reliable RTF filters in FrameMaker.

FM document with temprorary citations FM document with formatted citations (format IEEE)

In this example document the temporary citations (and footnote references) are highlighted red for better recognition. Hence also the formatted citations become red.

[To top/bottom of page] Properties and functions of FM+EN

The full description of this utility is in this PDF (1 MB).

In the program setup the various components of the environment must be specified. It would be to dificult to determine these automatically via the Registry, ini files etc. Not all of the 64 possible combinations of these components could be tested (see the documentaion)

Dialogue for setting up FM+EN


Define the environment



Specify program options

Note (2008-09-23):
The current version 3.0 does not yet support the expansion of citations to references.

This option is left out in the set-up of v3.0

[To top/bottom of page] Installing the utility FM+EN (current version: 3.0)

Note: All software from D+DD is Donationware - if you find it helpful for your work, think about supporting also my work.

Test files

In subdirectory TestFiles you will find the a small EndNote data base, FrameMaker test files and a short and a long test book. Get experience with the utility using these files.


Any software from D+DD is provided by the author and contributor "as is" and any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed.

Version history

Version Date What has changed
3.0 2008-09-23
  • Both Unicode (FM 8) and FM-special code (until FM 7.2) are handled
  • All kinds of temproary citations can be handled
  • Performance enhanced by new search algorithm avoiding the limitations of FM wildcard search
  • Checked with EndNote XI
  • Both short menu (complete process at once) and long menu (individual process steps can be repeated)
  • Restricted (free) version abandoned, the full version became donationware
2.5 2006-10-23
  • Citations with page number or page range are now handled
  • Check for illegal characters \x0d in the file
  • Check for semicolon within found citation (combined citation)
2.0 2006-09-29
  • Citations in footnotes can be expanded to references
  • Documentation enhanced, more cases of EndNote output formats researched
  • More debugging options
  • Final message gives information about elapsed time
  • Enhanced handling of book files
  • Synchronisation between the programs enhanced
  • Display of "known file extensions" in Windows is temporarily set ON
  • Many strange things (aka bugs) found and eliminated
1.5 2006-06-29
  • Added handling of non-numbered output formats in EndNote
  • Adaptation for EndNote X
1.4 2006-05-19
  • Handling of FM books
  • additional checks for safer run
  • documentation amended.
1.35 2006-05-17
  • Fix: in FM 7.2 you may get "Nothing Found" in the third process step (FrameMaker 7.2 does not issue the message "Can not be undone" at command "Change All")
1.3 2006-01-25 First version issued


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