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Enhanced vertical toolbar for FrameMaker 7 … 12

The vertical tool bar can no more be accessed since FM-9 (new UI), although the file still exists. IMHO this tool bar has still its merits, because it fits nicely in the margin area of facing pages what cuts down mouse miles. However, it is really outdated and switching between 4 button-columns is not very user friendly. In addition space is wasted for functions which anyhow are accessed via keyboard short cuts.

These drawbacks are eliminated in the vertical tool bar presented here.

Note: The Enhanced Tool Bars (ETB) available for FM FM 7.2/8.0, FM 9.0 … FM-11 also install this vertical tool bar. If You have an ETB version installed, You do not need the installation from here.

Beware of FM updates
Vertical toolbar
Donwlaod and installation

"Standard" in this text refers to the original FrameMaker installation. $HOME is the installation directory of FrameMaker.

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Since an update of FM may re-establish the standard vertical tool bar, keep the downloaded file in a safe place for re-installation after the FM update.

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The Enhanced Vertical Toolbar is a modified version of that provided with the older Enhanced Tool Bars (… FM-8). The area above the switching buttons provides functions which are not on the standard tool bar. These buttons replace those which are anyway not used, because their functions are invoked normally by key board short cuts (Save: CTRL+s, Copy: CTRC+c etc.).

Vertical toolbar with description of the buttons

The goback function jumps back to the location (page) where a hyperlink was invoked (for example, a cross reference clicked). Across documents the target is the first page.

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A description about FrameMaker palettes in general and of the Vertical Tool Bar in particular is given in this PDF.

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  1. You don't need to close FrameMaker, just close the Vertical tool bar, if you have used it. In FM-7 … 8 you switch to the standard horizontal tool bar.
  2. Download the tool bar file according to your FM-version:
    FM-version File Comment
      7.2 vertqab-07 Access to the vertical tool bar via the leftmost button in the Quick Launch tool bar.
    Be aware that the Enhanced Vertical Toolbar does not have a button to switch back to the horizontal Quick Access bar.
      8.0 vertqab-08
      9.0 vertqab-09 Access to the vertical tool bar only via the Enhanced Tool Bar for FM-9 to FM-11, FM-12, FM-14 or by mini version of customui.cfg (see below).
    10.0 vertqab-10
    11.0 vertqab-11
    12.0 vertqab-12
    13,0 vertqab-13
    14.0 vertqab-14
  3. Rename the file $HOME\fmini\vertqab to vertqab.ori to keep it available. If you have installed the Enhanced Tool Bar vertqab.ori already exists.
  4. Copy the file vertqab-xx to $HOME\fmini\ and rename it to vertqab.
  5. Invoke the vertical tool bar.

Mini version of customui.cfg

The file customui.cfg is placed in $HOME\fmini\configui and overrides items in the menu and command files. Since in standard FM installations (version 8 and higher) no access to the vertical toolbar is available, this must be established here. The contents of customui.cfg for this pupose is:

<Command _VertToolBar      <Label Vertical Toolbar>
  <Hypertext openlink fminit/vertqab >>
<Modify _VertToolBar       <KeySequence \!qqv>
  <KeySeqLabel Esc q q v>>
  1. Close FrameMaker
  2. Prepare the file customui.cfg and move it to $HOME\fmini\configui
  3. Start FrameMaker. You should not get any messages in the console.
  4. You can now invoke the vertical tool bar with the key strokes ESC q q v.
  5. You dismiss the vertical toolbar by closing it with the X-button top right.

Note: For FM-11 you must also copy the contents of customui.cfg to the end of the menu.cfg file(s). At least the file userarea\…\Workspaces\UnStructured\menus\menus.cfg must be treated.

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  1. Close the vertical toolbar if it is open.
  2. Delete the Enahnced Vertical Toolbar file $HOME\fmini\vertqab
  3. Rename the original file vertqab.ori to vertqab
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