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Utility TextHelper

If you run this utility an icon is installed in the system tray Icon of utility TextHelper and hot-keys are established. There a two sets of hot keys:
Functions for any text application and Functions for FrameMaker only.

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After copying or cutting text to the clipboards this utility may help to get rid of unwanted features.

Hotkey Function


Paste the clipboard contents without formatting information, that is, just plain text (including line breaks. This functions is handy to copy from other applications, including web pages, but also within FrameMaker.
Windows+space Remove sequences of spaces to one before pasting the text (without formatting information).
Windows+u Change \ to / before pasting the text (without formatting information).

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These function should be used only under the following restrictions:

Hotkey Function


The currently active and then the other document window is scrolled down by one screen
Windows+x The currently active and then the other document window is scrolled up by one screen

Note: If either Shlomo Perets' Express Customization for FrameMaker or my Enhanced Tool Bars are installed, then not a screen ful, but a document page is scrolled.
This is due to the fact that the PgDn and PgUp buttons are redefined by these installations.

[To top/bottom of page] Quick reminder about the functions

Right click on the icon in the system try offers a short menu. Selecting About gives you a short description of the functions:

About information for TextHelper utility

This text adapts to the Windows UI language. See the French version.

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  1. Download TextHelper.zip
    Version Date Changes
    3.0 2013-01-15 First issue of stand alone installation (the TextHelpers in the Enhanced Tool Bar installations are not updated yet).
    4.0 2022-12-10 Enable the about text to adapt to the Windows UI language
  2. Expand the downloaded ZIP to any location. This will only store two files (*.exe, *.ico)
  3. You may wish to establish a short cut to the exe file

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If you want to get rid of the utility just remove the items (exe and ico file, shot cut).

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